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Sightseeing and highlights of Germany before the Convention

Frankfurt and Rhine-Main-Area - from June 20 till June 22, 2022

Frankfurt airport is the largest in Germany and we want to offer a 3 day program for
all Zontians flying into Frankfurt. From June 20th-22nd we will show you Wiesbaden
and the Rheingau (Day 1), Bad Homburg, a lovely town next to the Taunus
mountains about 20 km north of Frankfurt (Day 2), and Frankfurt itself (Day 3).

You can pick single days or all 3 days and will be guided by various Zontians in the
Rhein-Main area.


For more details, please check out
, the tour is towards the bottom of the list and you can find the
program details when clicking the button “Informations” at the left of the page.


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